About Us

Convey Communications is a strategic communications firm that thrives by using only senior level practitioners who are B2B-fluent and get the complexities that go along with it. We understand technology inside and out, and some may go so far as to say we’re bordering on a little, well, obsessed with tech (we don’t think you’ll mind).

Convey at a Glance

We are proud of our team, but not just because of how hard we work to achieve results (we believe that should be a given). We are proud of our collective knowledge in the B2B space. PR programs for B2B companies are complex and require a deep level of knowledge, strategy and tactics. At Convey, we have the right combination of skills and will execute the right strategies to exceed expectations for our clients.  

How We Work

We believe that in order to properly represent your company and achieve the PR goals you desire, we must be entrenched in the culture and workflow of your business. We’ll deep dive into your buying committee, your personas and even your sales process to better understand who your ideal customer is, how we should reach them and when and where they spend their time. You can trust that we will understand your business model and will align our goals with your overall business objectives.

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